Here are a few general rules that will help you decide what to bring.
Please try to avoid anything white or bright, these colors shine out in the bush and aesthetically are never pleasing. Khakis or earth colors are good.

It makes our lives a lot easier , particularly where light aircraft charters are concerned if you pack your clothing into soft carry bags, just an average sized duffle bag will usually be sufficient. Remember that most camps have a same day laundry service which means that you don’t need to have too many changes of clothes.

Here is a basic list that I think is a useful skeleton.

Sun block
Insect repellent to put on your hands and feet in the evenings
Ziploc bags, these are always useful

This is a whole subject in itself but it is very important that each member of a group has a pair, the best all rounders are about 7x40 or similar , they will give you good light gathering in low light and be easy to hold without being too heavy.