Michael Cheffings and the other guides who conduct our safaris have camped, hunted, fished and walked in East Africa for most of their lives. To take visitors on safari in the land in which we grew up, gives us as much pleasure as it gives our guests. We may start out as strangers, but we end up friends for life.

The guide’s knowledge of the environments greatly enhances your daily activities. With your private guide you will be able to schedule your own activities around your specific wants and needs and will not have to fit in to pre-arranged activities.
This ensures you spend most of your time doing what you want to do on these safaris! Your guide will remain with you throughout the safari, giving you a great sense of continuity as well as having someone highlighting the best points in each destination.

We use four-wheel drive vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with large roof hatches to ensure prime game viewing in maximum comfort. On game drives we carry refreshments and snacks, as well as bean bags to assist photography and relevant reference books for you your perusal.

Viewing and photographing big game from close range is best done from our customized vehicles, but in most of our camps there is also the option of walking with an armed and experienced guide. Freed from the confines of modern transport, your senses will be alert and in tune with nature.
You will truly feel the heartbeat of this ancient continent.