1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
  2. Never accept another person’s word that a firearm is unloaded: always check it is not loaded for yourself.
  3. Never point a gun (any gun) at any person.
  4. When raising or lowering a firearm, bring the barrels up or lower them in such a way that they never point at someone else even momentarily.
  5. When handing a firearm to anybody at any time, hand it over in such a manner that he or she can see it is unloaded. With a shotgun that breaks, it should be handed over broken. With a bolt-action weapon, the bolt should be open and the magazine empty. With an action like that in a Greener shotgun, the lever should be dropped so that the block is back. With a pump action shotgun, the action should be back so that the breech is open and the recipient can see into it.
  6. If handed a weapon of a type with whose action you are unfamiliar, ask for the action and safety mechanism to be explained to you.
  7. Never accept a gun that is not handed over correctly so that you can see that it is not loaded.
  8. Always familiarize yourself with a weapon’s safety catch or mechanism.
  9. When handed ammunition always make sure that it is of the same calibre as the gun you are using. If handed a bag or container in which there are loose rounds of ammunition, always check every round individually and confirm it is the correct calibre for your gun.
  10. Never mix ammunition of different calibres in the same box, pouch, bag or belt, even when only storing it.
  11. Never force a round of ammunition into a gun. If it does not slip in easily and freely establish why BOTH by examining the breech AND barrel to confirm that they are free of obstruction and making sure that there is nothing wrong with the round itself. Check both gun and the round of ammunition.
  12. Always unload a weapon when crossing an obstacle, even if it is only rough ground.
  13. Treat all shot from a shot gun as dangerous up to 400 yards and never allow shot to be discharged if there is anybody in front of the gun and less than 400 yards away.
  14. When a gun has been laid down on the ground, always visually check by looking through the barrels that no dust, dirt, sand or mud has accidentally entered them.
  15. When more than one-person walks-up game birds for shooting, they may only walk in line abreast. They may never walk in a bunch or one behind the other.
  16. When ‘walking up’ game birds, guns should be held in such a way that their barrels always point forward into each individual’s permissible field of fire and either upwards towards the sky or at the ground ahead.
  17. If spectators wish to accompany any one walking-up game birds, they should position themselves behind but within five paces of one of the shooters.
  18. When people are walking-up game birds in line abreast fifty paces should be maintained between guns.
  19. When a party is walking up game birds and a bird is shot. The line should stop and retrieve any bird shot before proceeding.
  20. When walking up game birds in line abreast shooters should be aware at all times where every other member is.